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Musicians & Entertainers

Applications for 2012 are now closed.

We'd love you to send us some examples of your work, but unfortunately we can't guarantee a response, as we get hundreds of applications. Although even if you don't get a gig this year, your details will be kept on file for consideration in the future.

You can also send your demo by post to:

NUTS IN MAY - DEMOS, 24 Noble Croft, Aspatria, Cumbria, CA7 3BJ

Music Demo Submission Guide

An audio CD is by far the best way of getting your music heard as it can be played on a good sound system and in a variety of locations. If you’ve got a good full CD, with at least your three best tracks, the first one being the very best of the three; then it’s much better than a million links, attachments or downloads.

If you are sending a demo CD, then don’t wrap it up in fancy packets. I got one once, that had a mousetrap in it! I got a sore thumb and the band didn’t get a gig. They do get noticed, but it’s the music inside that matters.

Myspace is a better means of promoting yourself as a band than facebook, as it gives more of the right kind of information. Put as many tracks, photos and youtube videos on it as you can, as long as they show you in a good light.

Have faith in yourself and be positive, even if you don’t succeed this year, it doesn’t mean you're rubbish. It could simply be down to a lack of space, that the musical balance of the program wouldn't be right for you this year or in some cases I might see potential there, but it needs a little time to mature.

I really love hearing new music by acts just starting out and I will give a chance to those I feel have something really special. Even if you don’t get a gig I might play a track or two on my podcast, if I think you have something to say and need to be heard.

Go in a good way, Alan Whittaker

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